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Tiens BP Comb

Detail Description:
Invented by Mr Gao Jiajun. its function is to adjust despaired cell potential through theory of Biological electricity. Its operation Intergrades with Chinese old theory on physical channels, Drainage that reaches the purpose of health protestation and recovery. Successfully marketed by Chinese in many contries such as: Russia, France, China and Turkey for the past few year it has marked curative effect on many usual diseases, such as headache, hair-loss, asthma, toothache, stomach and intestinal diseases nephropathy, rheumatism arthritic pain and diseases-of liver & spleen by interpreting with different treating methods. Treatment takes about 3-5 minutes. Function of product and its objects heat and brain vessel: Reduces high blood pressure reducing the rate of incidence of diseases of health and brain vessel, bulling coronary artery .convulsion lighten heart load, Reduces tiredness and improvement insomnia. Pain relive he :- : Cuot and its objectives Heart and cressure. balance blood pressure dance of diseases of heart and coronary artery. Convulsion ..:2 - - - tiuces tiredness and generalart’ Fritis. Toothache, nflammation. Backpain -. Protection Strengthens loose hair follicles new hair generation and general hair care. Characteristic
1. Small in size and very light portable and convenient.
2. Big contact area do not need to aim at specia! point since its contact area can over the acupoint region.
3. Immediate effect within 3-5 minutes after usage Having balance. adjustment, keep
4. Similar to scrapping
5. Pure green treatment without any side effect. blood pressure Double message and treatment for sunstroke by when combing.

Tiens Mattress Detail

Detail Description:
Magnetic effect Far infra-red effect Negative ion effect Consists of 374 pieces of precious stone in the health mattress: Achieving Health from sleeping: We spend, 1/3 our life sleeping. Therefore, the impact of sleeping to human life in enormous. Heavy work load, anxiety can easily cause our back bone to become crooked tired muscle, affect digestive system and other sickness. Quality sleep is the basis of health rejuvenation. It is the best time to rejuvenate organ functions. Quality sleep is the first step towards total health 7 UNIQUE FEATURE OF TIENS DREAM HEALTH MATTRESS:

1. Activates the Water Molecules:
Arrangements of the stones have massage effect on muscle nerve. It can remove tiredness, improve air circulation and remove body heat. Its exclusive structure help you to improve health while sleeping.

2. Activates Cell, Improve Metabolism:
Tiens Dream Health Mattress increases the negative ion in the user’s blood. It speeds up the inter-activity between ion in the inner and outer layer and the cell enabling sufficient nutrient to be transported to the cell, the unwanted waste are being discharged and this enhances the metabolism and recovers the cell functions rapidly. It also increases calcium content in the blood, stimulates the muscle functions, especially cardiac muscle. Heart becomes healthier and digestion system becomes stronger.

3. Purifying Blood and Balancing blood pH:
Far Infrared Ray is able to change blood pH from acidic to weak alkaline. The blood purifying process will be more ideal in the presence of negative ion. When the gggitive and negative ions cover up the whole y, ions in the blood and minerals in the body (natrium, calcium, potassium) will combine closely. With “Tiens Dream Health Mattress,” the negative ion in the body will increase calcium and slightly alkaline and restores blood to its originals state. This helps to purify blood improve skin texture, prevent arteriosclerosis, . Improve channel and joint pain, supplement deficiency of calcium.

4. Revitalizing:
The life ray from “Tiens Dream Health Mattress” can improve blood circulation, enhance kidney function and stabilize the body condition in general.

5. Balance automatic nervous system:
Tremendous curative effect of the negative ion ray from Tiens Dream Health Mattress can regulate the automatic nervous system. Automatic nerve control all organs, glands, blood vessels and other organs that do not need conscious control and have immediate reaction. Thus, it is the necessary basic function in life. Thus, it is also known as life Nerve. Automatic nerve can be improved through absorption of negative ion in body. It is especially helpful in assisting imbalance of automatic nerve due to the busy modern life. It also enhances the regulation of endocrine which is closely related to automatic nerve. Besides, it improve the ability to build blood. The strong negative ion released by “Tiens Dream Health Mattress” is helpful to various diseases, especially the chronic diseases. The increase of negative ion in body improves the body fluid, cells and nerve functions. This further improves internal organs and tissue functions, regulates the imbalances of automatic nerve and endocrine system. It also improves various body functions and helps to cure chronic diseases. TIENS Matress

6. Maintain body temperature:
The unique structure and function of “Tiens Dream Health Mattress” help to increase elasticity of blood vessel to control body temperature at any time.

7. Increase blood circulation
and body resistant Continue usage of ‘liens Dream Health Mattress” can activate water molecule, reduce blood viscosity, improve numb hand, leg waist and shoulder, low +and high blood pressure and clogged blood vessel. Together with the increase of negative ion, white blood cell will increase and this improves immunity (antibody) and enhance body resistance. At the same time, the scar healing ability also increase.

The Secrets of Tiens Dream:
There are 374 pieces of 3 different stones in Tiens Dream Health stones are the source of miracle Tiens Dream Health Mattress. Germanium: types of precious Mattress. These healing power of It is also known as far-infra red stone. This is the newly developed FIR Stone. It is produced from a combination of germanium, quartz, feldspar, bess an ceramic. The stone is heated at 1300 degree by using high technology method. After processing Germanium stone releases higher intensity of F.l.R than other gem stones. Tourmaline: Tourmaline is the highest energy crystal in the world. It has two physical features, namely: Pyroetectricity and Piezoelectricity: Pyroelectricity in the condition where Tourmaline carries positive and negative charge under different temperatures. Piezoelectricity is the vertical direction of Tourmaline that meets up at two ends and produces negative charge. Such negative charge will be absorbed by molecules in the air and becomes negative ions. Jade: For thousands of years, jade stone had been used as health accessories by the oriental people. This was recorded in a lot of ancient medical books. Jade stone is validated as one of the sources of RI.R. lt is widely used in promoting blood circulation, anti-aging, enhancing immunity and relieving fatigue. Besides, examinations showed that jade stone contains lots of important element such as calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. Health Mattress will regulate the bio-magnetic field and help you in promoting better flow of nervous system and blood circulation. The Theory of Magnetic therapy: Earth itself is a natural magnetic field while there is also a magnetic field in human body produced by his own bioelectricity In normal condition, the electron and ion is functioning in a balanced manner. If such balanced situation is interrupted, its flow and distribution will be further affected and this is usually the root cause of many sicknesses due to the disturbances of body organs. Tiens Dream Health Mattress help you to recover damaged organs by balancing bio-magnetic field. A healthy person has a balance positive and negative ion. Nowadays, people carry most of their active time in the car and high -rise building. Frequent use of electrical products, high power wire, and computer causes us to expose to positive magnetic field. Besides, taking too much of meat and acidic food will subsequently affect the balance of positive and negative ion, causing us to expose to positive magnetic field (positive and acidity). This will disturb our metabolism and various unhealthy symptoms will appear. On the other hand, the negative magnetic field (negative, week alkaline) will normalize the metabolism and regulate the body function. Today, positive magnetic field is in excess, the negative magneticenergy produced by Tiens Dream.

Tiens Ozone Detail

Detail Description:

Application Scope of Active Oxygen Detoxifierh
Water purification:
Insert the vent of the machine into the water container and run for 5 to 15 minutes, then ozone water in different consistency is ready, which can be drunk directly (waiting for several minutes after turning it off) or used for disinfection and sterilization (the proportion of water and running time is 10kg/10min).
Disinfection for instant food:
Immerse the food into water inside the container and cover up, then induce ozone for 5 to 15 minutes, you can enjoy food with ease.
Disinfection for Fruits and Vegetables:
Dip the fruits and vegetables into water inside the container, place the vents in the bottom of water, operate the machine for 5 to 10 minutes.
Effect: The residual pesticide, fertilizer and other poisonous materials will be removed. Operate the machine for 20 to 30 minutes; 5 to 10 kg of fruit or vegetable may be treated.
Keeping fresh of eggs, meat and Fish:
Place eggs, meat or prawns in water and induce ozone for about 15 minutes, the bacteria and other germs will be killed.
Effect: Moreover, the residual hormone, antibiotics and fungus will also be removed to make the meat fresher, and its fresh duration can be prolonged to 2 or 3 times as it used to be.
Treatment of crusted rice:
            If the rice has been kept too long, odor will increase and virus and bacterial will propagate. Immerse the rice in water inside container and operate the machine for about 10 minutes before eating.
Effect: The mildew smell, residue pesticide and fertilizer will be effectively removed to give the freshness of the rice.
Keeping the rice or Soybean:
            Put the vent into the receptacle containing rice or soybean, and run for about 10 minutes.
Effect: To avoid the breeding of worms, mould etc. and prolong its fresh insurance.
Cleansing of Shells and Sea Food:
            Insert the vent into the container in which shells or other seafood are stored, operate the machine for 15 minutes, and the hepatitis virus will be killed. Besides, the expelling of sand by shells will also be improved. 
Medical Care and Health Care
 Disinfections for daily and baby necessities:
            Place the washed daily living and baby necessities such as toothbrush, towel, feeder, toys etc. in a container or in water, and provide active oxygen for 5 to 15 minutes.
Effect: Some infective germs such as Coli bacillus, Staphylococcus etc. will be killed effectively to provide against possible diseases.
Cleansing oral cavity:
            Brushing teeth or gargling with the treated water can prevent cavity disease such as halitosis, gingivitis. Suffering from Toothache or sore throat, you can get rid of these uncomfortable symptoms easily and quickly by keeping ozone water in mouth.
Personal Hygiene:
            Wash hands with ozone water before meal, after bowel movement, contacting money and back home from outside to disinfect and prevent cross infection. If using it longer, the skin will become smooth and tender.
Beautifying Countenance and Healthcare:
            Washing face or taking bath with ozone water can smooth away mite as well as the dirt and bacteria inside skin pore that lead to comedos, activate skin cells, smooth the breath of the skin, activate histocyte, speed the blood circulation, make your skin clean, soft and white and respite from tiredness.
Prevent VD and gynopathy:
            Frequently taking bath with ozone water can cure VD and gynopathy. The test reveals that active oxygen can kill as much as 99.9% of bacteria resulting in gonorrhea.
Home Medical Treatment:
            The suffering of gastritis, gastric ulcer and enteritis may reduce the frequencies of diseases and also get relieved in sick time by drinking the treated water daily. Besides, the dermatosis caused by epiphyte infection may be effectively prevented and cured if using the treated water for washing.
O3, highly preemptive, is effective in killing fungus and mould that lead to barrier and is therefore wonder drugs for aeration are immersion for itching feet, smelly feet and infected toes.
O3 is highly effective in curing bacterial obstinate skin itching colitis and leucorrhea. Immersion in ozone-water can relieve or cure children of skin rash, dermatitis and heat rash. Immersing clothing, towels or utensils in ozone-water helps prevent cross-infected of some diseases. 
Pet cleaning and disinfections:
            Deodorize the furs of pet to prevent diseases and breeding of bacteria.
Removing pungent flavor from alcohol drink:
        Just put vent at the neck of the bottle, and induced ozone for 1-3 minutes, which can remove pungent flavor of alcohol concentration, color and luster and mellowness as original.
  Deodorization of closet and cupboard:
              Place the vent of the machine inside the closet and close the door slightly (not clipping the hose).Operate the machine for 5 to 10 minutes, and sterilization and deodorization will be effectively done.
 Indoor disinfections:
 Deodorization and decomposing poisonous gas:
               Place the machine on a high place indoor and operate it. It can prevent wall and ceiling from mildewed in moist season. In the room with new decoration, suggest running for 1 hour per day and two or three days, which can decompose the poisonous gas (as radon, formaldehyde etc)from decoration materials, compound boards and paint, and provide you a comfortable living environment.
In offices, meeting rooms and air –conditioned, exist large amount of smoke, bacterium that caused by second-pollution. Use this product discharge ozone for 20~30 minutes everyday can obviously improve and refresh the air, as well as prevent the emergence of infected diseases.
O3 aeration in a fridge disinfects the fridge, prevents taint of odor between foods and prolongs the fridge’s antistaling function.
O3 is highly effective in preventing mold and moth in food, clothing and wardrobes;
Washing the Clothes:
            Before cleaning work, put the vent into the water soaked with clothing and operate the machine for 5~10 minutes, which makes washing more easily, can save the detergent by 60% and moreover prevents cross infection through clothing.
Cleaning the Room:
            Cleaning the floor of restroom, bedroom, kitchen and toilet to sterilize effectively and prevent the breeding of bacteria and mildew.
Flora cultivation and Fish feeding:
            Watering flowers with treated water will prolong the blossom period and make flowers fresher; feeding the fish with ozone water will avoid the fish-disease and reduce the times of clearing water, and the fish will be more alive.

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